Regional WA ‘stage 1’ digital TV rollout press release

Digital commercial television didn’t begin in regional Western Australia until mid-2010. Below is a press release from 26th May 2010, released just prior to the official launch in Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Mawson Trigg (Central Agricultural) and Mingenew.  At the time, the networks only needed to have their primary channels available in at least one locality within… Continue reading “Regional WA ‘stage 1’ digital TV rollout press release”

Regional WA ‘stage 2’ digital TV rollout press release

The second stage of the digital TV rollout in Western Australia went full steam ahead in July 2011, with Prime Media and WIN Network launching all digital services at once in Bunbury, Western Australia. This was the press release from Prime Media: Digital Rollout Press Release Bunbury 2011-07-28 (PDF)