Regional WA digital TV launch on VAST in 2010-2011

The second stage of the regional Western Australia digital commercial TV roll out began with the unofficial launch of multiple channels on the VAST platform in 2010 and 2011. They were slowly added in preparation for the official launch of terrestrial digital services in Bunbury on Thursday, 28 July 2011.

The following are a series of photos and screenshots of various set-top box user interfaces, showing the launch of each new channel. The Altech UEC DSD-4121 set-top box was a trial version for testing PVR equipment. Unfortunately a cheap phone was used to take the photos, so the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

2nd November 2010

New commercial services started showing up on the Optus C1 satellite on Tuesday, 2nd November 2010, including three test channels showing the WA commercial services from Prime Media Group and WIN Network. The following screenshots were taken from a Dreambox DM 800HD set-top box tuned to Optus C1/D3. The test channels were unencrypted at the time. 

2nd April 2011

The three channels were eventually added to the VAST WA trial bouquet on Saturday, 2nd April 2011.

19th July 2011

7TWO and 7mate were then added on Tuesday, 19th July 2011.

27th July 2011

Finally, the remaining channels ONE, ELEVEN, GEM and GO! launched on Wednesday, 27th July 2011. You can see the EPG data in a test state until the following morning. All the channels officially launched in Bunbury the next day.