WIN’s 7 and 10 stations get an upgrade

WIN Network-operated stations affiliated with the Seven and Ten networks received an upgrade of sorts, coinciding with changes after a new affiliation deal was struck between WIN and Nine Network.

These stations are operated as either joint ventures with a competitor or as a wholly-owned supplementary station. WIN operates either all aspects of the stations, or the technical aspects only with sales outsourced to another operator.

StationAffil.Area ServedStation TypeOwner(s)
MTN7Griffith & Murrumbidgee, NSWSupplementaryWIN Network
AMN10Griffith & Murrumbidgee, NSWSupplementaryWIN Network
SES/RTS7Mt Gambier & Riverland, SASupplementaryWIN Network
MGS/LRS10Mt Gambier & Riverland, SASupplementaryWIN Network
TDT10TasmaniaJoint VentureSouthern Cross Austereo &
WIN Network
MDV10Mildura, VictoriaJoint VentureSeven West Media
& WIN Network
10Western AustraliaJoint VentureSeven West Media
& WIN Network

Firstly, the Tasmanian joint venture has switched to Network 10 affiliation, and introduced 10 SHAKE to the market for the first time.


10Channel 5 / 51MPEG-2 SD
10 HDChannel 50MPEG-4 HD
10 PeachChannel 52MPEG-2 SD
10 BOLDChannel 53MPEG-2 SD
10 ShakeChannel 54MPEG-4 SD

Griffith, NSW & Mt Gambier, SA

The Griffith and South Australian stations also changed. MTN and SES/RTS remained as Seven affiliates, but swapped their HD channel from 7mate to 7HD. No SD simulcast of 7 exists as 7HD is in the more widely accepted MPEG-2 format.

7HDChannel 6 / 60MPEG-2 HD
7TWOChannel 62MPEG-2 SD
7mateChannel 63MPEG-2 SD

AMN and SGS/LRS have switched to 10 affiliation. They aren’t carrying 10 SHAKE like Tasmania, but instead carry Sky News Regional. 10 HD is also in the more accessible MPEG-2 format, so no SD simulcast of 10 either.

10 HDChannel 5 / 50MPEG-2 HD
10 BOLDChannel 51MPEG-2 SD
10 PeachChannel 52MPEG-2 SD
Sky News RegionalChannel 53MPEG-2 SD
* Excludes Tasmania

Mildura, Vic and Western Australia

The stations in Mildura and Western Australia also changed to 10 affiliation similar to the 10 stations in Griffith and SA, just with no Sky News Regional. Channel 54 continues to be in a test state. Mildura now has the following channel lineup:

10 HDChannel 5 / 50MPEG-2 HD
10 BOLDChannel 51MPEG-2 SD
10 PeachChannel 52MPEG-2 SD
54 WAChannel 54MPEG-2 SD

With Western Australia using slightly different channel numbers across both terrestrial and satellite platforms:

10 HDChannel 5
(Channel 50 on satellite)
10 BOLDChannel 50
(Channel 5 on satellite)
10 PeachChannel 55MPEG-2 SD
54 WAChannel 54MPEG-2 SD

In summary, most of the changes are welcome to audiences in these areas. The switching of the primary HD service ensures the most popular programming will be seen in HD. The lack of 10 SHAKE and 7flix in most areas is a drawback though. It would have been a good opportunity for the station owners to introduce a new channel like in Tasmania.

Lets see what the future brings! Channel 54 can’t surely can’t sit there forever.